Pittsburgh Forge Men's Rugby Club

Pittsburgh Rugby Club and Pittsburgh Highlander Men following their match.


Join us for the Fall 2019 Competitive Season! Training is scheduled to begin in mid – August on  Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Kennard Playground located at 2300 Reed Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. We will be working from at 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM through November. Please check the club’s calendar for the most up to date information.

For the 2019 – 2020 Competitive Cycle, the Pittsburgh Forge Men’s Club will be participating in the Midwest Competition Region’s second (DII) and third (DIII) divisions as well as fielding a Division IV pub side. Training for the fall competitive season will begin in on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

The goal of the Forge is to be an inclusive club that offers valuable and ample playing opportunities for all club members regardless of skill, age or competitive level.

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Head Coach (DII): Stephen Walsh
Assistant Coach (DIII):
Allan Murray

Director of Men’s Rugby: Neil Reynolds
Match Secretary: Billy Gordon

Administrative Captain(s): Samuel Angelo & Andrew Chapman

Field Captain(s): Rous Kluever (D2) & Judd McCallister (D3)

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