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The City’s Newest Club: The Pittsburgh Forge

Pittsburgh Rugby Club merges with the Pittsburgh Highlanders to form the Forge

The Pittsburgh Rugby Club and Pittsburgh (Westmoreland) Highlanders Rugby Football Club are extremely pleased to announce the merging of their clubs effective June 1, 2018. This merger will bond Pittsburgh’s oldest and largest rugby club with one of the area’s most successful clubs in recent years to form an all new rugby organization. The Pittsburgh Forge Rugby Club (PFRC) will feature two (2) men’s sides competing at the Midwest Competition Region’s Division II and Division III levels as well as a women’s side that will compete at the Midwest CR’s Division II level.

While the club will feature Pittsburgh’s traditional colors of black and gold, both clubs found it best to create a brand new organization that offers competitive playing environments for men and women in the city, regardless of level or ability. The club has plans for future growth in both the men and women’s competition levels.

The Pittsburgh Forge has been granted 501c3 charitable status and plans to give back extensively to the local rugby community. As a federally recognized non-profit, donations to the club may be tax exempt and will be used to support youth, high school and collegiate programs throughout the Pittsburgh area. It is the goal of the Pittsburgh Forge to not only become the premier destination for senior rugby talent in Western Pennsylvania, but to also give back to the community that supports our club by fostering rugby programs at the grassroots level.

Please stay posted for more exciting announcements from the Forge as we move through the summer and into the fall season, where the club will be playing its inaugural league schedule. If you have any questions in the meantime, or are interested in joining or supporting the Forge in any way, please contact us via e-mail at

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