March Madness Square Pool Entry


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March Madness Square Pools are back for 2019!
The Forge are yet again running this popular fundraiser for the spring.

So how does it work?
Click here to access our square.
Password: pittsburghforge

Follow the steps below:

  1. Pick a square any square – there is no strategy involved here!
  2. Before the Final Four starts, numbers will be generated across the top and the side of the grid 0-9
  3. The winning square for each game will be the LAST DIGIT of each teams score. (ie: Score 89-73 – winning square is the intersection of 9 and 3)
  4. You will keep the same square for all three games.

Square Cost: $25/square
100 squares are available. We sold out last year, so sign up today!

Final Four games winnings: $150 per game
Championship games winnings: $500 per game