Pittsburgh Forge NFL Survivor Pool

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The start of the fall season means the start of a new fundraiser – SURVIVOR POOL!!! Read on to see how easy and fun this fundraiser is….and how to make $1000!

Cost: $20 per entry, $10 one time insurance (optional and must be purchased upfront). You can purchase up to 5 entries, each with 1 insurance. Max $150

Goal: Pick ONE NFL team each week to win, get it right move on, get it wrong you’re out (Unless you have insurance!). Insurance can be used one time on and until week 12 (11/21). From week 13 and on insurance cannot be used. You can only pick each NFL team ONE time per ENTRY (If you bought two entries you can use the Steelers once per entry, but twice total). The program we are using offers assistance with picking the winner based on stats! You will need to go in each week and select your teams – I will be sending one reminder email per week on Fridays. If you forget to pick, the system will randomly pick for you! We will play all 17 weeks of the regular season or until only one person is left.

Deadline: Must be registered and paid by September 4 (First game is Thursday September 5 – watch at the Pub!)

The pool will run as long as there are still entries. Once we have one person left they are the grand prize winner and we’ll split the pot! If we have 100 entries that is AT least $1000 to you- so tell your friends!
*If there is a tie at the end, whoever did not use insurance will be the winner. If both did or did not use insurance it will be split evenly between them

Link to sign up: http://www.runyourpool.com/join/pool_info.cfm?id=99841&p=pittsburghforge
Pool password: pittsburghforge

Alternate Payment Options:
– Venmo @pghrugby
– Paypal to pfrctreasurer@gmail.com